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In the context of our cooperation with industry and research partners, we offer a number of courses as subject-related elective subjects (FWP subjects) and as seminars for the courses of study in computer science and business informatics (Bachelor and Master courses).

Currently, the following courses are offered:

  • Blockchains with Ethereum and Solidity (FWP in the Bachelor's program)
  • New technology trends in the music industry (FWP in the Bachelor's program)
  • AI in Logistics and Manufacturing (FWP in Bachelor's program)
  • Robotic Process Automation (FWP in Bachelor's program)
  • Design of ERP systems (FWP in Bachelor studies)
  • ERP Alternatives (FWP in Bachelor's program)
  • Business Intelligence (FWP in Bachelor's program)
  • E-Commerce Trends (FWP in the bachelor program)
  • Component-oriented software development (FWP in Bachelor's program)
  • Realtime Computing with Complex Event Processing (FWP in Bachelor Studies)
  • Development of large software systems (seminar in Bachelor's program)
  • Big Data (FWP in Master's program)
  • Current Trends in Business Informatics (FWP in Master's program)
  • Current Research Projects in Business Informatics (FWP in Master's program, for current topics please contact Prof. Mandl)

In these events we try to include practical experiences of our industry partners in the teaching and on the other hand to give our students the opportunity to participate in the investigation of current research questions.


Please refer to the curricula for each semester for current semester offerings.

Laboratory Support

The Competence Center works closely with the following laboratories in the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics:

  • Middleware Technologies Lab
  • Lab for E-Commerce
  • Laboratory for Software Development
  • Laboratory for Computer Integrated Production
  • Laboratory for Database Systems and Information Management