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Partner of the Competence Center Business Informatics

The Competence Center Business Informatics cooperates intensively with industry partners in research and development projects as well as to support teaching. The cooperation with our university partners is just as intensive.

Good reasons for CCWI membership are:

  • Participation in teaching in our courses of studies of business informatics after coordination by jointly elaborated teaching offers in the elective area of the curriculum (guest lectures, teaching assignments, mentoring in joint projects).
  • Participation in the annual CC-Partner conference with lectures and information stand
  • Sponsorship for the study programs, which can be read on the university website
  • Naming of the partner on the CCWI website
  • Promotion of research through the membership fee (exclusively benefits research) and participation in research through joint projects and, if possible, joint research applications (Bavarian programs, BMBF, BMWI, ...)
  • Possibility of sponsoring and providing an information booth at the annual graduation ceremony
  • Direct contact person at the participating faculties for the development of ideas in research and teaching assigned
  • Placement and co-supervision of final theses (Bachelor and Master) at the faculty
  • Member of the partner network and thus use of a broad discussion platform with research partners and other companies
  • Possibility of free placement of job advertisements (positions for working students, interns, graduates) on the Internet and via notices directly in laboratories and lecture halls

University Partners

We are currently working on cooperative PhD projects with the following universities:

  • Dresden University of Technology, Faculty of Computer Science, Chair of Computer Networks, Prof. Dr. Alexander Schill
  • Dresden University of Technology, Chair of Information Systems, Prof. Dr. Susanne Strahringer
  • University of Ulm, Institute for Media Informatics, Prof. Dr. Michael Weber
  • Technical University of Munich, Faculty of Computer Science, Prof. Dr. Gudrun Klinker
  • University of Regensburg