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Welcome to ccwi

Competence Center Business Informatics Munich University of Applied Sciences

Welcome to our website.

Here you will find current information on staff and partners, on research projects and on current events of the Competence Center. If you are interested in a partnership, please contact the speaker of the Competence Center, Prof. Dr. Peter Mandl.

Positioning of the CCWI

The opportunities that information and communication technologies (ICT) offer today for business, administration and industry are more diverse than ever. In the age of the Internet and mobility, ICT systems are ubiquitous. As a result, new fields of application are constantly opening up both on the Internet via new services (keyword: cloud computing) and via mobile and even invisible embedded systems and their networking possibilities. The use of IT is ubiquitous.

Distributed software systems are an essential core component of ICT. Their complexity is increasing more and more today. Software development methods and processes as well as the use of development technologies must be constantly scrutinized in order to meet the requirements for efficient and secure software development. Added to this are the dangers to individuals, companies and society as a whole via the constantly growing threat of attacks on ICT systems, especially from the Internet. Security systems must be constantly updated so that individuals and groups are not disadvantaged.

There is a great need for research and development in many companies that use information and communications technologies. This need extends from brainstorming for new ICT services, through all phases of software development, to testing innovative ideas. The research environment is very broad, especially in applied computer science.

Our focus in the area of research and development is on the diverse and extremely exciting questions that have to be answered in the development and operation of distributed applications. In this diverse and complex environment, the Competence Center Business Informatics (CCWI) has been working together with its industry and university partners since its foundation in 2005. The CCWI is increasingly working on special research topics between business and information technology issues with a focus on the controllability of IT processes and information technologies as well as on innovative applications of distributed processing. Special topics in which the CCWI conducts research are

  • Internet-based services in e-commerce and social commerce,
  • the processing and analysis of mass data in social computing,
  • the processing of mass events and their complex processing (Complex Event Processing), the mass parallel processing of Internet events,
  • the context-sensitive mobile information provision,
  • the investigation of scalable solutions for recommendation systems in e-commerce (Recommendation as a Service),
  • new methods of processing documents in the network,
  • the attack detection of web-based applications with anomaly-based techniques
  • as well as the impact of personal, socio-cultural and organizational influences on the quality of work results in software development, especially in distributed development environments with agile methods.